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Bhutan Photography Expedition

Why Go On A Bhutan Photography Tour?


VPA invites you to capture a world of wonders; to travel back in time to one of the most fabled and retrospective destinations - Bhutan. Bhutan which is blessed with an almost pristine, pollution-free environment, is also a land of unparalleled natural beauty and home to an astoundingly rich cultural heritage. What's more, after being effectively closed-off to the rest of the world until the middle of the last century, some parts of the country are so untouched by outside influence that it is like being transported back to the 1700s. As you can imagine, all this makes for some truly spectacular and unique photo opportunities.

VPA’s Bhutan photography expeditions are scheduled to coincide with religious festivals: utterly exhilarating spectacles of music, dance, color and ceremony. The Bhutanese masked dances in particular are like nothing else on earth, and offer an incredible sensory experience to the adventurous traveler. Not to mention unrivaled shooting opportunities for the hungry-eyed photographer!


Our visual story telling expeditions are about human connections, pushing your creative boundaries, finding your own voice and feel the world around you. This expedition, besides looking closely at photographic composition, exposure, storytelling pictures and all the rest, is about breaking down barriers between folks from different backgrounds and gaining real insight into the peoples and cultures of some of the more off the beaten track parts of the Himalayan region.  


Finally though, while we believe that we've done everything we can to put together the very best itinerary, and to make sure that we will travel in the most authentic and spontaneous way, there's one very important element that's still missing, and that's you.


When you read about our expeditions, our approach to travel photography, and especially our connection with people, does this chime with your own sentiments? With your own attitude to travel? If so, then you're exactly the kind of person that we want to share our adventures with. And it's the people who travel with us that will make this trip one like no other!


Location:        Bhutan

Dates:              11 days, Oct. 21st-31st 2018

                            12 days, Mar. 15th-26th 2019

Leader(s):        Altaf Qadri

Group Size:    8 Persons Max.

Fees:                On Request


11-day photographic expedition to pristine Bhutan. This exploratory photography class is specially curated for enthusiasts on a quest to explore their devotion for the craft.

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