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A unique opportunity for a select group of photographers to benefit from the advice & experience of award winning photographers working at the apex of their respective fields.


Never have the news, travel and features photography sectors been so competitive as they are today. With high quality DSLRs becoming more affordable with ever year that passes, and the level of technical knowledge required to take a sharply-focused and well-exposed photograph now minimal, almost anybody can put together a portfolio containing a few nice pictures and set themselves up as a photographer - further saturating the market. 

Yet in actual fact, as far as documentary photography is concerned, technical proficiency has never been anything more than just a minimum entry-requirement. Indeed, the qualities that make a true photojournalist stand out today are the same as they ever were: a nose for a good story; a deep understanding of, and empathy with, people; well developed observational skills; the ability to listen and talk; a good grasp of narrative; a disciplined approach to shooting; and a whole lot of hard-work and dedication to the job. 

Some of these are talents we inherit genetically, some will be gained only after many years of professional experience, but quite a few of them can be learned. Our workshops are designed to teach participants the entire latter category.


Designed to provide early to mid career photographers the skills required to make it in the highly competitive world of news and feature documentary photography, these workshops take the form of three to six days of intensive group and one-on-one instruction, fast-paced shooting assignments, and focused collective critiques. Under the guidance of award winning photojournalist Altaf Qadri, selected applicants will be put through their paces as trainee photojournalists on the job - transforming them from technically capable camera-owners to assignment-ready photographers.


Who is this workshop for?
These workshops are for moderately experienced amateur photographers, photojournalism students and upwards. It is designed to help participants make the move from casual enthusiasts to disciplined, critical and well-prepared photographers capable of covering fast-paced, real world events under stress - whether these be the rapid-turnaround news stories that make up front page news, or as part of an immersive, long-term documentary project. This means that although participants may be totally new to travel photography or photojournalism, they should at least know their way around a camera.


17th-18th Nov. 2018

Two-day visual storytelling workshop. Dates are subject to change.

2 days

Fees on request

20th-21st Nov. 2018

Two-day visual storytelling workshop. Dates are subject to change.

2 days

Fees on Request

30th-31st Dec. 2018

Two-day visual storytelling workshop. Exact dates will be announced soon.

2 days

Fees on Request



Here are some of our previous workshops


Mar 18, 2017

A three-day visual storytelling workshop held at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

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Feb 20, 2016

A two-day workshop on photojournalism held in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Any other information here


Jun 07, 2015

A two-day workshop on photojournalism and visual storytelling held in New Delhi.

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