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We share our hands-on expertise, rich experience, and in-depth understanding of the craft acquired over eventful years of training our lenses in different genres of photography documenting history in the making and exotic cultures across the world.
Join our visual storytelling expeditions and work alongside award winning photographers as they demonstrate how to tell a moving photographic story. 

Our visual story telling expeditions are about human connection, pushing your creative boundaries, finding your own voice and feel the world around you. They are about breaking down barriers between folks from different backgrounds and gaining real insight into the peoples and cultures of some of the more off the beaten tracks of the Himalayan region.  

Learn More Than Just Photography

We always emphasise on having fun while we learn. We will give you daily assignments to work on, in order to challenge your strengths and improve your weaknesses. We make sure that our trips are about much more than just photos. 

So yes, we'll be looking closely at photographic composition, exposure and all the rest. You'll learn what it takes to get compelling, illuminating, storytelling pictures of the many places you go in life. You’ll also get intriguing insights the artistry behind the craft and the practical skills required to take great pictures. 


No matter your level of photographic experience before this trip, we promise you that you will return home a changed person. In fact some people have come on our expeditions just for the experience and with little more than a cursory interest in photography, only to end the journey with a fully awakened passion! 

Nomadic Photography Expeditions

Some of our photography expeditions are meant for people who want to experience rugged lifestyle of nomads. These particular expeditions may not be luxury tours however they teach us how to live on the edge.

You won’t be sleeping in the comfort of a five-star hotel room rather you’ll find yourself erecting tents in the middle of nowhere under starry sky. You’ll have to take decisions in real time like nomads on the move. You won’t be eating at the table of a grand restaurant but in a tent next to your co-travelers, sharing meals and great experiences. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. You’ll reach home a changed person.

Think Like A Photographer. Be A Photographer.

Each time we step out of our front door to embark on a trip, we forget all our day-to-day responsibilities and become another person. We drop off our bags at the airport, and try to leave all our personal and cultural baggage behind with them too. We can't wait to land, to find out what adventures lie in store for us. We pass through immigration, and from that moment on ‘We Are Photographers’. 

We urge you to join us, to go where the energy takes us. To be totally open to the new experiences that awaits us at our destination. Push yourself. Feel what we feel. For the next week or so you are a photographer too. Not just any photographer, but a passionate and keenly alert photographer. Receptive to the world and high on the thrill.

If your goal is to be an inspiring storyteller with a deep understanding of photography aesthetics. We look forward to hearing from you. Please choose from the Upcoming Expeditions you would like to participate in.

Write to us if you would like to explore other destinations.



Jul 2019

10-day visual storytelling expedition to an unexplored Kashmir. Dates to be announced soon.

10 Days

Price on Request

Past Expeditions


Here are some of our previous expeditions


November 2017

Some parts of Bhutan are so untouched by outside influence that it is like being transported back to the 1700s. As you can imagine, all this make for some truly spectacular  photo opportunities.


January 2017

Kashmir's scenery is highly diverse and always spectacular, making it the ideal location in which to put together a varied portfolio of stunning travel photography in a very short span of time.

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