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From our past expeditions:

Kyrgyzstan Photography Expedition

Exploring the heartland of Shepherds - Kyrgyzstan, had been on our list since 2016. And as they say.. when you have no reason to stay, then you have a good reason to go!

March 2018, though it was considered an off season; we decided to seek out-of-the-ordinary expedition which involved certain degree of risk and required some special skills. Therefore we stepped out of our comfort zone in order to experience nomadic lifestyle. 

On a quick notice we had an unannounced Kyrgyzstan Expedition in place. Sometimes not knowing the path where we are going is what inspires us to travel it. 

Upon reaching Bishkek, our whole group was excited and ready to wander into the unknown with least expectations. 

Its true that ‘you never know until you go’. Our photo walks were done out of pure curiosity and visiting a foreign location to observe the indigenous members of its society had always been a great learning. 


Walking through the streets, observing lifestyles of local people, their history, art, architecture, religions and other factors that shaped their way of life is what I call the 'essence' of travel photography. Above all a unique culinary experience is not to be missed!!


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Behind the scenes...

Below are some of the photographs taken by our participating students during the Kyrgyzstan Expedition March 2018.

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