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Expedition To Unexplored Kashmir

The Kashmir Valley is a region of glacial lakes, Mughal gardens and charming alpine hill stations affording spectacular views of towering, snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Traveling by 4x4, we will forge our own route up to high-altitude plateaus. Perhaps we'll meet a caravan of pastoral nomads journeying on horseback to higher grazing. Or we'll stumble upon a thrilling religious celebration, the whole village dancing and praying together in a riot of color and festivity.


Our travels will take us through orchards laden with peaches, cherries and apples, then deep into thickly forested hills and up to lush mountain pastures carpeted with brightly colored wildflowers. We might stop to eat by one of the regions numerous idyllic waterfalls, or perhaps pitch our tents alongside an encampment of indigenous goatherds. Together we'll gather firewood and enjoy a hearty meal cooked over an open fire. Or we'll install ourselves in wooden highland cabins, to be greeted in the morning by spectacular unbroken vistas of the majestic Himalayan scenery as we breathe in the pure mountain air.


In this part of the world it is better to go with the flow, to allow nature's rhythms to work on you, rather than attempting to dictate to nature. We'll take our time, allowing serendipity to lead us where it will. Open to every eventuality, always ready for adventure. Our hearts and minds will recall each moment of this incredible journey; our cameras will capture every breathtaking image.


Kashmir's scenery is highly diverse and always spectacular, making it the ideal location in which to put together a varied portfolio of stunning South Asian travel photography in a very short span of time. From the almost impossibly picturesque houseboats and floating merchants of Srinagar's world-famous Dal lake, to the nomad encampments of the Himalayan plateau; from the stark, arid grandeur of high-altitude desert scenery, to the otherworldly beauty of terraced rice paddies; this part of India is truly rich in cultural heritage and diverse in natural splendor.


Traveling the Western Himalayas as a very small group of adventurers, we are in a much better position to fully benefit from the incredible wealth of natural scenery and cultural splendors that this unique part of the world has to offer the curious travel photographer. If you are considering embarking on an adventure holiday in India or have been thinking that you would like to learn travel photography - perhaps even both - then a hands-on and in-the-field Kashmir photography expedition could be the perfect solution.

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Location:        Unexplored Kashmir

Duration:        7 days, Jul. 2019

Leader(s):         Altaf Qadri

Group Size:    8 Persons Max.

Fees:               On Request


7 days photographic expedition to Unexplored Kashmir. Date: Jul. 2019. Exact dates will be announced soon.

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